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KARACHI: At times when newly appointed sports Minister of Sindh, Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar is busy in throwing challenges to his Punjab counterpart, what’s going on in his own constituency and hometown is worth noticing.

According to our correspondent, at least a dozen sportsmen gathered at the only cricket stadium of district Ghotki, the home district of Sindh sports minister.

Performing pushups, the players chanted “drain out stagnant water from [stadium] ground” and “take away garbage.”

The stadium is located in Daharki taluka of Ghotki district.

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The protestors complained of ignorance by authorities and demanded revival of sports in the district.

Sardar Mahar was elected as PMA from PS-8 constituency (Khanpur Mahar) of the Ghotki district.

The newly appointed Sindh Sports Minister, who is a sardar of his tribe, has gained media spotlight for his stylish dress.

Sardar Muhammad Bux Khan Mahar, a couple of days back, joined bicycle rally in connection with the Independence Day.

The next day, he shared a video of his 50 pushups, asking his Punjab counterpart to compete with him.

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