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Game of Thrones Season 7 Speculations

Game of Thrones Season 6 finale was full of action-packed episodes in the history of whole Game of thrones seasons, as it was like chess game being played in westeros. However in some of the cases, Self proclaimed rulers were downed by their mighty pawns, on the other hand crown was set on the heads of new kings and queens.
However at the end of Season 6 the audiences were having lots of questios in their mind, and most of these questions belonged to the new strategic alliances that would form during the power struggle. What do think for Game of therones season 7? Would Cercei and Jamie will bind themselves together and rule the westeros as the brother and sister in the special targaryen style? How much support would Dany get from across the westeros? Who would be the next target for Arya Stark? and do you think that she would be able to meet her brother John Snow and sister Sansa Stark?
While discussing about the Sansa Stark, many people have opinion in their mind regarding the inscrutable smile, while the Jon Snow was crowned as the King in the North. Was she angry? or she was afraid for Jon Snow due to the historic murder of her brother? whose side would Sansa choose if it will be Littlefinger vs Jon snow?
At this point I am not sure if the production of Game of Thrones meant to thrown petrol on this fire of speculation but they certainly did this as earlier this week, they set up polling on the GoT party website, where you would be able to vote for various characters for their “Running Mates” during the Faux-Westerosi elections.
Once you visit the website you would be able to notice the interesting thing mentioned below:


“Petyr Baelish…. with Sansa Stark.” But wait why Sansa is not listed with Jon Snow? This mean Sansa will be siding with Littlefinger ? Or will she at least pretend to? this seems strange?

Oh did you noticed Cersei is “with Qyburn,” and not “with Jaime Lannister.” (Or for you those who want to marry her off, “with Euron.”)

And note that Jon Snow is “with Lyanna Mormont.” Jon Snow does needs a wife, so is this match totally correct?

Or the marketing people were just having fun while uploading the website to make do more speculations? We only have 10 more months of speculation to go…
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