Step by Step Turkish Visa Guide

Now a Days it has become very easy for Pakistani Nationals to obtain Turkey Visa. We have mentioned the steps and procedure which you can easily follow to obtain Turkish Visa, in case if you need any help or consultancy you can contact the Visa Expert company Trip Guide Travel & Tours.

If your Passport is official, then in this case you are exempted from Visa and you can easily stay for upto 90 days. In case of ordinary passport follow the below mentioned step to obtain Turkish visa & if you have valid Schengen, USA UK or Ireland visa or have residence Card you are eligible to obtain one month single entry visa online via Turkish Embassy website


Turkey Visa Fees

Estimated Total: 19,999 PKR.

To get the Turkey visit visa for Pakistani passport follow these three simple steps.

  1. Fill the online application 

– Use this link (,

– After filling the form download it and sign it.

  1. Checklist of Documents for Turkey visit visa from Pakistan 

– Duly filled application

– 5×5 cm white background current biometric photos.

– Signed Cover letter or Request letter

– Make sure your passport has 6-month validity from the date you enter Turkey. Photocopies of old visas along with entry and exit stamps on recent and old passports. In case, you have lost your old passport attach the FIR, Make sure that you have done the English translation of the FIR.

– You have to acquire the travel health insurance which you can get at the application center on the same day when you are applying for a visa. (Cost 3000-5000 PKR).

– Polio vaccination certificate from the Government Hospitals or the authorized laboratories (The validity of the vaccination should cover the travel period and the vaccination’s date should not be more than one year old).

– Photocopy of flight reservation. (You just have to show the reservation, don’t buy the ticket) / Get the reservation of your ticket from any airline website with the option of pay later.

– Photocopy of the hotel reservation. (We can help you get the hotel reservation or simply book the hotel from with the option of pay later)

– Family registration certificate from the NADRA office (also applicable for individual applications). / You can also apply online to get the Family registration certificate delivered at your doorstep via this link

– For newly married couples marriage registration certificate is required.

– If you are an employee of a company get a letter from your HR that mentions the title of your job, the duration of the employment, salary, and company giving holidays for your visit. This letter should be on the company letterhead mentioning the contact number of the company as the embassy will call for verification. For freelancers, attach a copy of the contract with the company you are working with.

– If someone is sponsoring your trip you need to get the affidavit letter from the sponsor on a stamp paper for the covering of the expenses along with the proof of income (like a business letter, NTN, bank statement, salary, duration of the employment, etc)

– FBR / NTN / Income / Active Taxpayer Certificate(s) for individual and company which are recently taken from the relevant tax offices.

– Visit your bank branch and ask for an account maintenance certificate along with three months bank statement signed by the manager of the branch. Don’t forget that your accounts last balance must be more than 300,000 PKR if you are visiting for 10 days.

What if you are? 

– Less than 18-year-old: Consent letter from the parents on a stamp paper and attested by the notary public.

– Student: Bonadife letter from your institution

– Government Officer: NOC from your organization

– Traveling with someone: Copy of valid Turkish sticker visa / E-Visa along with a valid copy of Schengen/USA/UK/Ireland visa, residency, and passport.

  1. Visit application center of Gerry’s Travel Services

– Located the address of the nearest application center (Address and contact # are listed at the end of this page)

– Visit with all the documents (No appointment is required)

– Take the token and wait for your turn

– The representative will give you the interview form to fill (Its easy and they will guide you)

– Pay the amount for your visa and service at the counter and get the receipt. Don’t lose this slip as this is a necessary document to collect the passport.

Best of luck you. You have successfully applied for Turkish visa from Pakistan. It normally takes 10-15 working days when they will call you to collect your passport.



Turkey visa for Pakistani is guaranteed if you submit all the documents correctly.