Online Crime
Online Crime

Online Crime By Daily Karachi

Since we have obtained the passed copy of Pakistan’s Cyber Crime Law, we now have more information on what exactly are the cyber crimes in Pakistan and their corresponding punishments according to Pakistani laws.

We will run through the list one by one with some explanation about the crimes and possible punishments.

Not to mention, the examples or scenarios discussed along side the offenses are only for references and may not be taken into consideration for legal matters. These examples are shared after consultation with legal officials, however, they can be flawed.

Let’s go through the list now:

Spreading False Information about an Individual: up to 3 Years in Prison or up to Rs. 1 Million in Fine or both

Whoever intentionally and publicly displays any information through any information system, which he knows to be false and intimidates or harms the reputation or privacy of a natural person, shall be punished with imprisonment for a term which may extend to three years or with fine which may extend to one million rupees or with both:


  • You know that an information is wrong and you still post or share it on Facebook about a person that damages his/her reputation

Not to mention, this section will not apply where offense is committed by a broadcast media licensed under the Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority Ordinance, 2002 (XIII of 2002).

Making /  Spreading Explicit Images or Videos of an Individual: up to 5 Years in Prison or up to Rs. 5 Million in Fine or both

Whoever intentionally and publicly exhibits or displays or transmits any information which.

  • Superimposes a photograph of the face of a natural person over any sexually explicit image or video
  • Includes a photograph or a video of a natural person in sexually explicit conduct
  • Intimidates a natural person with any sexual act, or any sexually explicit image or video of a natural person
  • Cultivates, entices or induces a natural person to engage in a sexually explicit act,