Hanif Mohammad Still Alive
Hanif Mohammad Still Alive

Hanif Mohammad Still Alive News By Daily Karachi
KARACHI: In a dramatic situation, the news that legendary Pakistan batsman Hanif Mohammad has passed away in Karachi proved to be incorrect when his son said that he was misinformed about his father’s apparent death and that he was very much alive.

Shoaib Muhammad, a former Test cricketer himself, told Samaa TV that his father’s heart had stopped for “six minutes” and then it was revived via CPR and his father was now breathing and alive.

“I was on way when I received call from hospital that my father has breathed his last. But I was later told by doctors that his heartbeat stopped for at least six minutes and then revived by CPR. It initially created some confusion,” Shoaib Muhammad.

Earlier, the hospital authorities declared Hanif Mohammad as dead.

Hanif Mohammad, 81, is first of the greats of Pakistan batting and arguably the best of his era. He is known as ‘Little Master’.

The legendary cricketer is battling with cancer.

Last week, he was shifted to Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of a local private hospital after his condition deteriorated.

In July 2013, he was successfully operated for liver cancer at London Bridge Hospital.