serene air
serene air

Guess What? We have brought the latest news about the Pakistani Flyers since a New Aviation company is all set up to launch its operation in Pakistan named as Serene Air.

Although there is no confirmed news about the exact launching ceremony, but let us assure you that it would be the big one to press the current competitors in the market like Shaheen Air, Air Blue & PIA. Initially they have set up their flying route for the domestic flights and later on they also aim to operate on the international route as well.

Serene Air: Newest Planes

According to the sources, Serene Air is going to operate with its new B737-800 (NG) Boing AeroPlanes, and they have also achieved the License for Domestic Operations from Civil Aviation authority in Pakistan.

They company is aiming to increase its fleet from three to Five Air Crafts in the coming two years of operation.

It is also a rule by civil aviation authority that to launch the international flight, two years of prior domestic operation is necessary.

As mentioned earlier Pakistani Flyers have best opportunity to enjoy the new B737s Boing planes via Serene Air.

serene air