face of Bollywood
face of Bollywood

True face of Bollywood  behind the curtain News By Daily Karachi

The reality of Indian Actress .Before Shorting They Applied Make up And that time after that ,What was She’s Look Like a Horrible Movie Actress.



deepika padukone ; is Very Good Actress , she desire to be made ha wonderful Actress . She looks to crack before Make up and after what she was looking see image.


Kareena Kapoor :
Bollywood 2015 the most expensive actress Kareena Kapoor are also 
stare in horror eyes spoil the movie audience shot on the screen 
and the penetrating impact of their beauty there affect the audience
where to run your input language 10 there can be no objection to the
jurisdiction of second place with Kareena in the most beautiful 
actresses , but may arise must question their beauty and make-up 
actress beauty without such an extent that they make without market
the owner may also be able to purchase items not recognize them .




Katrina  Kaif : Bollywood Barbie doll Katrina who is known as Katie ‘s name , they also have their own place in the industry in terms of physical beauty and was placed fourth in the most beautiful actresses of last year . The original form of actress



Priyanka Chopra : 33 -year-old actress Priyanka Chopra has featured prominently in the film industry for its bold characters were so popular because of its mixture of beauty and bold character that 2013 proved to be the most expensive model . The bright eyes glittered lip rouge films.